"Ten Easy Steps to Relocate and Transition Cultures With Ease"

"Learn Everything You Need To Know To Avoid Feeling Homesick, Frustrated And Depressed After Your Move, in Less Than One Hour!"




Are You an:
- An Expatriate, MOVING OVERSEAS for work?
- a SPOUSE, "along for the ride", following your loved one because of their job?
- just plain getting away from a person or place you don't want to be around anymore?
- a STUDENT about to embark on a journey in a brand new place?


You know what? Moving sucks! It's a total upheaval - there's all the packing, getting moving boxes, figuring out what moving company to use, figuring out logistics for turning off the electricity, transfering money to an as of yet non-existant bank account....the list seems never ending. Oh, and when do you have time to say goodbye to all the friends and family you will soon be leaving behind?



Here's the thing, by spending all your time focusing on all these logistics and things you're leaving behind, you're completely overlooking the fact that the moving process has nothing to do with your new life. What I mean is, it's just about moving stuff from one place to another and saying goodbye. All these annoying details are not going to help you make friends, adjust to a new job, deal with the possibility of having nothing to do all day as the trailing spouse, or fit in in a new town with very different people around you.

Relocation Depression is a Common Side Effect of Moving to a New Place

Relocation Depression is most commonly caused by loneliness and isolation. So you need to arm yourself with a clear set of strategies to avoid this happening to you.

I’ve been in your shoes many times!

My name is Heather Markel. I am a Certified Professional Coach, founder of Culture Transition Coaching, and of The Expat Coach Directory. Over the past 25 years, I've lived, worked and studied in 4 countries and 2 states in the US, and traveled extensively throughout the world. I've also worked alongside many wonderful Expats, met their families, and often work on cross-cultural teams.

In fact, I am so passionate about this subject that I started an Expat Coach Association and Directory to create a community of both Expats and those of us that help you adapt to new cultures. I have met so many Expats and Repats who, when I tell them what I do, say, "I wish I had met you 2 years ago when I was deeply depressed after moving!" - I want to help you manage, and even avoid, the depression zone that impacts most expatriates.

If you plan to move someplace new, you need to know this information so you avoid making the same mistakes most people do when they move.


There Are Many Reasons That Cause Relocation Depression


  1. You don't speak the language well. This is typical of moving countries, but it can happen that when you move in your own country, you encounter such thick and heavy accents it can FEEL like a foreign language! You know what's worse than packing and unpacking? Arriving in a new country where you don't speak the language well, or, even more scary, going to a country where they supposedly DO speak the same language and learning it's actually completely foreign to you! (Fact - Culture Shock can happen within the same country!)
  2. You don't fit in with the people around you and you hate the scenery. Think about moving from, say, a beach community to a big city. So, every morning you wake up, open the curtains, and just doing that can cause relocation depression!
  3. The weather is completely different than you're used to. A lot of people don't think about this, but if you are moving from someplace warm, sunny, and full of blue sky, and you move to a place that's often grey and overcast, that can cause relocation depression!
  4. You miss your friends and family back home and no one compares to them. Enough said
  5. You used to work and now, due to local regulations, you're not allowed to - and this can cause many different sentiments.


Surveys Show That Many Factors Contribute to Relocation Depression



In this 2009 survey by the HSBC Expat Explorer, with 3,100 participants, difficulties that were seen as part of the relocation process included:

  • Learning a new language
  • Finding the right school for accompanying children
  • Finding a place to live
  • Making friends

...and more.

But, there's other important impacts of the process of moving to a new place, especially if you're moving to a new country. According to the 2009 Brookfield Global Relocation Survey, most relocations involve an accompanying spouse, and most of those spouses don't work after relocating. For the accompanying spouse who gives up employment, there can be a huge impact and identity crisis, which can further impact the health of your marriage and the desire to remain in place or return home.


Source: Brookfield Global Relocation Trends Survey

Spouse/Partner Dissatisfaction is the major reason that relocations fail, according to the same survey, as can problems like the inability to adapt, or the job not meeting expectations:


The Complaints are Universal

This is a highlight of the issues cited by Expats living in China. Expats from around the world identify with these feelings, no matter where they may be -


It's no easy thing to pick up your life and move around the world, or, even domestically where people often believe that there is no transition because they are moving within the same country.


Smart Expats Invest in Help Up Front, Before They Move

Taking the time to understand what to expect, and what you don't know, makes all the difference.

And it's not just me saying this! I am constantly meeting people who relocated sometime in the past, and say they spent years of hardship adapting to a new place. When they meet me and I explain what I do, they always tell me:

"I wish I knew you back when I moved. Boy could I have used your help!"

I recently met a man from California who moved to a small town in Utah. He told me it took him almost one entire YEAR to feel accepted into his community. We discussed some of the guidance I give to people who relocate and realized he could have cut months off his adjustment process if he knew those steps up front.


If You Fail to Prepare For the Emotional Impact of Relocating, You're More Likely to End Up Feeling Isolated, Lonely, and Depressed


I relocated once without asking for help. I decided to just dive right in! I figured since I had moved before, I was a whiz, and no one could tell me anything I didn't know. I had no resources, no support, and no friends, and I'd never do it that way again. I don't think you should either.

Here's what happened to me when I figured I could relocate on my own:

  • It took about a month for someone at the office to ask to have lunch with me. So, on top of feeling alone on my own, I felt alone among other people, and eating lunch alone made me feel even worse.
  • It took several more months before anyone at work invited me to socialize with them after hours. So, apart from work, I had nothing but time alone, it was really depressing.
  • I bought a TV just to avoid staring at my walls and crying when I got home. And, I would WALK home, even in bad weather, about 3 miles, just to make it take as long as possible.

It sucked!


The Relocation Success System Is Designed to Help You Successfully Transition Cultures

Here's an idea of what you'll learn:

The foundation steps that allow you to avoid or overcome relocation depression

The ideas and concepts that go beyond the average cross-cultural Training

How your unconscious needs influence your experience, and how to tap into them


Whenever I meet someone who tells me how much they suffered after relocating, I feel badly that I didn't develop this system sooner. That's because, by following a few simple strategies, they could have saved years of frustration - and that's time they will never get back.

But the reality gets worse....

If you're relocating with a family, you're likely to find that at least one spouse is unhappy with the move. This can cause permanent damage to your marriage, not to mention infidelity.

Infidelity is a leading source of divorce, and dealing with divorce law across contintents can be more devastating than the divorce itself.


It's Important to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes that Many Expats Do


These mistakes include:

  • Failing to prepare for the emotional impacts of relocating
  • Thinking that depression is something to ignore or suffer through alone. I have known some people who moved and suffered hardships and depression ranging from several months to TWO YEARS! During the depression, they either had no idea they were depressed, or felt it was something they should suffer through alone - why do that? At the end of the depression, they looked back and said, "Gee, it might have been a good idea to get some help with that." Why go through all that?
  • Focusing so completely on moving logistics before departing that little or no time is spent creating your new life


I Want to Give You the Chance to Be One Less Person Who Agonizes Over the Culture Transition Experience

So, I compiled information I learned from my own experiences, then I interviewed other Expats to create a set of strategies that can help anyone transition cultures and avoid relocation depression.

Here's how you benefit:

  1. You get access to an easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement system, covering the social, personal, and professional challenges to expect - it will take you less than one hour to learn them!
  2. By following the strategies outlined in this system, you can easily cut off months, if not years, of difficulty adapting to a new culture - you get more time to be HAPPY!




"Heather will make you feel at home!"

Phil Dyer, Founder
Total Business Transformation



"Heather is a great listener !"

"Heather is a great listener and an insightful coach. Over the past 18 years, she has and continues to provide valuable advice and support in both professional and personal matters."*

Wendy Carr
President, CARR Marketing


What others are saying about the tips in this program:

Your worksheet on the pros and cons with all the boxes to write in really put me in touch with WHY I want to move and just what I want to do. Thank you.

Roy Roberts, WA. State


testimonial5 testimonial4 testimonial3

"These are great points–it's often the “little things” (which aren’t so little) that make a big difference in [the] success or failure in a new assignment."*

side2 testimonial1


testimonial5 testimonial4 testimonial3

"I believe people are excited by moving to a new challenge in a new country and fail to realize they are entering a new culture and in many instances different cultural values. What is taken for granted in the country of origin is usually very different in the host country. These differences usually cause a stressful relationship with the family members. It is extremely important that the issues you bring forward are not taken lightly." *




I've Put Together a Simple, Easy-to-Follow Program that Will Make You an Expert at Transitioning Cultures Without Depression

Here's what it looks like, and it's all delivered right to your computer:

The Relocation Success System eCourse - audio and PDF version - contains the 10 Essential Steps you need to follow to create a foundation for your personal, social, and professional success after relocating. This goes BEYOND any cross-cultural training you may have had. The program tells you an introduction to each step, why it's important, and gives you suggestions to implement them.

    • Benefit - you get the essential strategies you need to prepare for new friends, a new home, and a new job. It can be used before you relocate - ideally several months or even a year before, but is equally helpful if you've already moved and are feeling frustrated or unhappy with your transition process.


The Relocation Success System Action Guide - Helps you keep track of your efforts.

    • Benefit - allows you to monitor your progress as you follow the steps.



The "Relocation Success " Cheat Sheet - an easy reference guide.

    • Benefit - helps you rememember all the steps of the main program


The Moving Checklist - these are all the things you DON'T normally think about - the stuff besides the packing!

    • Benefit - your physical move will be a lot less stressful.


The Journal - you get questions for thought to help you process your transition, and plenty of room to write all your answers. Since it's a PDF file, you can re-print it as you need to!

    • Benefit - helps you delve deeper into potential blocks to your relocation success and asks you to more deeply consider some of the challenges you may face.


A Cultural Guide to help you brainstorm where to learn information specific to the culture you'll be moving to.

Benefit - saves you time tracking down the right resources to learn the cultural information you need.

Here's What You Get When You Access the Program:


Full Training - I give you the complete set of foundation principles you need to be successful

You get to learn all the steps that other people in your shoes only wish they had followed

I explain what you need to do, and why you need to do it

You learn what you need to know to potentially cut off YEARS of anxiety and difficulty trying to feel at home in a new place!


Here is an idea of just SOME of the topics we'll cover:

How to start friendships before you move and why that's of value

How to create some common ground and understanding to be able to make new friends after you move

What to look out for in your relationship to keep it strong during tough times

Ideas for those of you that are single to understand a new dating culture

Important ways to create a fulfilling personal life as well as how to get to know a new culture and a new city


And You Get a Special Bonus



"The tips on Heather's interview are amazing !"

"This interview was so beneficial! My cousin just got a job in another city, where she knows no one, and the tips on Heather's interview were amazing!  By using the strategies Heather discusses, my cousin has reached out to a local church/school where she was hired as a teacher to help her with the apartment search in a safe area. She's also taking the time to find out what the community offers.  The ideas Heather discusses when it comes to starting up a social foundation were excellent, and I'm helping my cousin to reach out to our family for additional contacts in the area she's moving to.  All of these ideas and actions are helping her relocation go smoother!  Thanks for the tips - I would recommend that anyone who is, or has relocated, listen to this interview."

Becki K.


This interview with one of my clients who moved to New York City is the perfect compliment to The Relocation Success Guide Program - it not only reinforces the foundation principles, but you get even more great ideas on how to create alife you love, and to be HAPPY after you relocate!


But There's More!

I'm going to add in a coaching session, live, with me, to make sure that you understand how to implement each section, and answer any questions you have about the Relocation Success program!

So, how much do you think this all costs?

Remember, you're getting

The Relocation Success foundation program, complete with the foundation steps training and actions

A journal with compelling questions to challenge you to perceive yourself during the relocation experience

A cheat sheet to remember the foundation principles

A moving list of things you will easily overlook

A quick guide of resources to use to find cultural information about the place you're moving to

The Success Stories interview which will help you integrate the steps from The Relocation Success foundation program, AND add some excellent strategies to it



The Total Retail Value of All These Items is Almost $500, But the Real Value is Priceless

  • You get to be HAPPY after you relocate
  • You save months, even YEARS of stress
  • You get strategies that can save your marriage
  • You get to make the adjustment process EASIER


Even if Your Company is Paying for Cross-Cultural Training, You Still Won't Get These Valuable Strategies and Information


And remember, I'm giving you a coaching session, on top of everything, to make sure you successfully implement the foundation principles!

In fact, you can use the session any way you like - we can focus on any or all of the foundation steps, or use it to focus in on a specific area of your life!

So, hit the ORDER NOW button and be AMAZED at how small an investment it takes to make a huge impact in your life!



P.S. This package is worth almost $500, but the value is priceless!

P.P.S. You can use your coaching session to focus anywhere you'd like

P.P.P.S. Not investing in this system could cost you months, or even years, of loneliness and depression

P.P.P.P.S. If you haven't relocated yet, then now is the perfect time to start implementing these strategies to create a foundation for yourself.  They’ll help you avoid becoming isolated, frustrated, lonely, and even depressed!


* Disclaimer: Each person and his or her situation are unique. It takes effort and action to accomplish the desired results - and individual results are completely dependent upon how much effort you put into each step of the program. For that reason, individual coaching results may vary.

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